Dishwashers – Lifeline For Every Working Women

We are dependent on our house help for all the daily household work. If they don’t come one day our life turns upside down. With the advancement in technology, various inventions have helped in day to day work.We are dependent on our house help for all the daily household work. If they don’t come one day our life turns upside down. With the advancement in technology, various inventions have helped in day to day work.
The dishwasher is one of that invention that helps in carrying on the simple work of dishwashing easily. You no more have to wait for your house-help you can just put the pile of dishes in the washer, and you are good to go. It not only helps in saving time but also helps you in having clean dishes every time without nagging your maid top dishwasher india.

The washers come with sensors and rack system which helps in placing the dishes and having a clean and germ-free dishes every time; they have hard water converter which helps convert hard water into the water which is good to use and healthy.


These days due to the touch screen trends, there are no more buttons on the machine, but instead, there is a touch screen panel which helps in regulating the machine. These machines have become the lifesaver for those who have uneven hours of work and cannot stay home to take care of the household; it helps in minimizing the work. It’s just another new invention making our life simpler and making us not depend on our house-help.

In this article, you find all the information such as A comprehensive buyers guide, what all things to not put in a dishwasher, FAQ’s and lastly Our Top Picks so you chose the best product for yourself.

Top 6 Best DishwasherProduct Average User Rating Price Range Best PriceIFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher3.6/5 Check-PriceBosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher4/5 Check-PriceIFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher3.5/5 Check-PriceBPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher 3.6/5 Check-PriceBosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher4/5 Check-PriceSiemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher4/5 Check-PriceThings You Should Never Put In A DishwasherA dishwasher might dull away certain utensils and knives. It also manages to break down the coating on your non-stick utensils while the detergent and hot water might lead to cracks in your precious crystals and china plates. Thus, we list the items which one should never put in a dishwasher:

Chef Knives and other hollow handle Knives– dulls the sharpness of the knife and loading or unloading them might lead to injuries.Insulated MugsCast Iron– needs more care and should be washed by hand.Non-stick pans– breaks down the non-stick coating.China Gold-plated Dishware– eats away the gold.Crystals– detergents and hot water causes cracks.Copper Pans– Dishwasher changes the color.Wooden utensils– Certain wooden tools are not suitable for dishwashers as it loses its finishing.Disposable aluminum– Leaves marks and black residue marks all over it and the other utensils.Dishwasher Buyer’s GuideEase of UseThe dishwasher should have easy to use features that allow you to operate it with convenience.


An LED display with easy controls will enable you to set the wash program or monitor the amount of detergent, water being used along with the overall washing process. You also get an idea of the remaining washing time. It also enables you to select different features like half load, delay start, QuadWash, etc. easily.
BrandA brand does play a significant role when it comes to the purchase of appliances like these. It is essential that you choose a brand that offers you the best price and warranty. You should also check the brand’s after sales service before you make a purchase. You can go for brands like LG, Bosch, Hindware, Glen, Faber, BPL, to name a few.

Ease of CleaningThe dishwasher should come with stainless steel racks that are easily removable and can be adjusted accordingly. This ensures flexibility to the users for efficient and easy cleaning. Moreover, it should also come with an half-load feature so that you can wash a fewer number of utensils easily by using just one section of the rack.

Energy EfficiencyThe model should be energy efficient, i.e. it should be able to save power by consuming less electricity. This reduces the cost of electricity bills. Moreover, it should also save water by using only 9-10 liters of water to wash all your utensils.
Wash ProgrammesIt is not always safe to keep kids around electrical appliances. It is essential that the dishwasher has a child lock system, which makes it safe even when kids are around.

The wash programs should have features of washing different material of utensils and cleaning it well. It should remove toxins and have a water softening feature, which makes the utensil safe to use.

It’s a bonus if it has a salt funnel which means you can add salt as to cleanse the dishes well. We might think that this is just waste

FunctionalityThe dishwasher should be readily available and functional. It should not be complicated to use. It must have plate racks which can be used according to the customers need.

The water capacity should be good to store the utensil well and have optimum use. It scores good points because water consumed per cycle is less.
Touch controlsThe technology has advanced in each field, so you know longer have to push buttons, the new machines have touch controls which make the controlling easy and accessible.
We have been used to the touch screen panels as all our new smartphones have become touch screen this technology of touch panels in dishwashers makes it more easy to work with you don’t need to press buttons and make it work. It makes the machine easily accessible and does not complicate things.

SensorsThe machine should have auto-detecting sensors if there are dirty dishes or when the water is hard, the converter makes it soft and usable.

For a certain kind of vessel, the temperature should be set which the sensors detect and make it easy to work with. It should also detect water usage per cycle.

NoiseThe dishwasher tends to make a lot of noise, so it is necessary to review the product and read the catalog properly before buying the product. The expensive dishwashers tend to make less noise as they come with noise reduction feature in them.
Space accommodationAs we know the houses we live in even though they might be big, we always crave for extra space. Most of the time we might not want some huge machine to take up the entire kitchen space because as it is our kitchen is smaller and having that extra obstruction in a way is not convenient. It is necessary to buy such dishwasher which does not consume much space and does not act as a hindrance.
Along with not taking up space it is also essential to see that it is not some giant ugly machine ruining the look of your house but should be sleek and stylish to make it look like a part of the house.